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Naval Sector

Revolutionizing the maritime industry

We are the forefront innovators in saltwater-to-freshwater conversion. Our cutting-edge reverse osmosis units seamlessly equip large cruise ships with an uninterrupted supply of fresh water. With unrivaled capacities ranging from 120 to 1000 cubic meters per day, we proudly redefine excellence and reliability in meeting the vast water demands of these magnificent vessels.


Civil Land sector

Innovating water solutions for a sustainable future.


Transforming seawater and/or brackish water into potable freshwater, even in the most luxurious villas and residences worldwide. From Kenya to Thailand, our hundreds of units have provided a reliable source of fresh water. Join us in our mission to ensure a sustainable supply of this precious resource. Discover our portable solutions for homes, hotels, and resorts.


Industrial sector

Your trusted source for fresh water solutions.

Specialists in water purification through reverse osmosis systems, we are a reliable supplier of units for the production of demineralized water. Serving both the pharmaceutical and chemical industries for their processes, as well as factories and domestic environments to ensure the necessary purity in boilers and various systems. Elevate your water quality standards with our expertise.

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